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By pre-planning, you are able to select the type of funeral that you so desire, such as traditional, graveside,
memorial or cremation. This takes the burden off of your family, knowing that the funeral selected is in accordance
to your wishes.

Pre-need funds are required by law to be placed in trust in an Illinois bank or trust company or federal or Illinois
savings and loan institution or federal or Illinois credit union or with an insurance company. I as a funeral director
am licensed to accept pre-need funds. When you select the funeral and payment is made, I am required by law to
give you a preneed trust contract showing the total amount of money you paid, an itemized funeral bill listing each
item selected along with their cost and a pamphlet explaining questions concerning pre-paid funerals.

I offer both guaranteed and non-guaranteed funerals. With a guaranteed funeral, I guarantee you that I will provide
all of the services in the future that you purchased at today's prices. In order to offer pre-paid funerals, I am
required to be bonded.

For more information, please call Richard Hexdall, Fruland Funeral Home at 815-942-0700 or contact me through
our website
Rich, we can’t thank you enough
for all you so graciously did for
mom and us.  It truly was a
beautiful celebration of her life.
       -Jill and Mark