The Fruland Funeral Home is a locally privately owned funeral home within the downtown Morris,
Illinois area. It is currently owned by life long Morris native Richard H. Hexdall, Funeral Director.
Richard H. Hexdall and staff is committed to the Funeral Service and serves families of all Faiths and
All rights reserved.
Our History
The History: This lot, 5, and lot 6 was sold to Ebenezer Hyde in 1859 for $1000. Hyde sold this lot to
Aaron Sears in 1873 for $600. Benjamin Sears, heir of Aaron Sears, sold the lot to Dr. Gerhard T. Nelson
in June of 1899 for $1500. He built and moved into this 2 1/2 story frame residence in November of 1899
for his home and office.

Dr. Nelson sold the house to S. S. Marvick in 1909 for $6800. Dr. Nelson moved out west for health

William F. Page, Jeweler, married Edith Marvick in 1911 and moved into the house.

Bergeson & Phelan were established in 1912. Bergeson was replaced by Tyler A. Hoganson in 1913 at
113 W. Washington Street with a furniture store and funeral home. In 1916, Phelan & Hoganson were equal
partners at the 113 W. Washington Street address then known as the McCann building. In 1919, Hoganson
bought out Phelan and moved to a storefront of the Grundy County National Bank until he was soon forced
to move as the bank expanded. Hoganson purchased the, then, residence, from W. F. Page at 121 West
Jefferson Street and converted it to a funeral home and residence on the second floor. Hoganson added on
a 2 story garage for the funeral home vehicles and living quarters above the garage. Tyler Hoganson died in
an automobile accident in 1948.

Earle Fruland, a nephew, had been associated with the business since about 1935, took over the funeral
home upon the death of Tyler Hoganson.

Earle's son, H. Paul, joined the business in 1955 and took over upon his father's death in 1973.

Richard H. Hexdall having been associated in the business, became owner in 2000. The residence still
remains on the second floor of the house. The area located above the garage is now the casket showroom.
In 2000 an outside ramp was added to allow handicap accessibility. Many other interior updates have been
done including a handicap accessible bathroom added in 2007.
Nelson-Hexdall House
121 West Jefferson
Morris, IL 60450
Queen Anne style with
the typical tower, gables,
and wrap around porch.

Built by Dr. N. J. Nelson
in 1899 for his home and
office. It has been a
home and funeral home
since 1926.
My service appreciation to you and all of you staff for the very respectful and professional funeral
that you provided for my mother.
-Ann Marie

Rich, thank you for the care you had shown our family at this time. You helping us through this
time made us confident in our decisions allowing in the process for dad to be honored.